Academy of Martial Arts
Gonzales and Prairieville


1. Never get in a car with a stranger.
2. Never take anything from a stranger.
3. Never let a stranger take a picture of you.
4. Never give a stranger your address or phone number.
5. Never keep a secret with an adult.
6. Never walk alone.
7. Never talk to a stranger.
8. Never let anyone touch your private parts.
9. Never walk into a place that makes you feel weird.
10. If a stranger offers you anything scream NO!!

1. Every member should always seek truth and practice it.
2. Every member should promote the highest moral character through the training of Tang Soo Do.
3. Every member should respect and obey his parents, teachers, and seniors.
4. Every member should love his country and contribute to his community.
5. Every member should develop both great confidence and humility and should practice both in and out of class.
6. Every member should do his best to promote intellectuality.
7. Every member should not hesitate to sacrifice himself for justice.
8. Every member should do his utmost to develop Tang Soo Do as the most popular martial arts in the world.
9. Every member should develop his endurance and be both kind and humble in mind.
10. Every member should remember that the ultimate purpose of Tang Soo Do is to promote both physical and mental health.


Tang Soo Dos purpose is to build the mind, body and spirit.

I will build my mind with knowledge, my body
with discipline and my spirit with character.

I will do these three with complete dedication,
and my highest expectations can be fulfilled.

How to Tie Your Belt
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